Chapter 7
The Potter-Jordan-Bard/Beard Family Lines

       Chapter 7 is about the connection between the Potters, the Jordans and the Bard/Beards. Thomas Read, Jr's mother is Mary Potter Jordan. She is the daughter of Benjamin Jordan and Isabella Potter. Benjamin is the son of Margaret Ross and Thomas Jordan, Jr. Margaret is the daughter of Thomas Ross and is a sister of Eleanor Ross who married John Read. Both Margaret Ross Jordan and Eleanor Ross Read are great grandmothers to Thomas Read, Jr.

       Isabella Potter is the daughter of John Potter and Martha Beard. Isabella is the half-sister of Revolutionary War General James Potter whose will is included herein. Martha Beard is a member of the family Bard. She is probably the aunt of Richard Bard who with his wife Catherine Poe and Isabella's half brother, Thomas Potter, were all captured by Indians. Chapter 7 includes the story of the capture, of Thomas' murder, of Richard's escape and the final safe release of Catherine a few years later.

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Chapter 7 - The Potter-Jordan-Bard/Beard Family Lines

Chapter 7 - The Will of General James Potter