CortDiv53 Reunion
Branson, MO  October 2-6, 2006

Our most gracious hosts and guides
Bill and Bonnie Steele

     from USS Snyder DE-745
          Arvin (plankowner) and Phyllis Nelson
     from USS Tills DE-748
          Ernie (plankowner) and Gui Boyd
               Ernie and Cheryl Boyd
               Ron and Maggie Boyd Beaton
          Bob (plankowner) and Sarah Bunkall
          Al (plankowner) and Jean Read
               Rick and Sheri Read
          Norm and Marge Steele
          Rod (plankowner) Warfield and guest Honey

     from USS McClelland DE-750
          Bob (plankowner) and Norma Harris
               Clark and Mrs Harris
          Leo (plankowner) and Collene Rushia
               Victoria Rushia Curtis and Janice Curtis (mother-in-law)
               Bert and Naomi Rushia Wade
          Bill (plankowner) and Bonnie Steele

     from USS Kyne DE-744
          Carlos and JoAnn Burdette
     from USS Cook APD-130
          Duane and Darlene Steele

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