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First you may ask
“Just Who is Shaklee Anyway?”

It is highly possible you may never have heard of Shaklee heretofore
even though Shaklee is a $750 million 58-year old Anerican based
company. For a brief Shaklee history CLICK HERE

     Shaklee is a manufacterer and distributor of leading-edge premium natural nutrition supplements, personal care and home care products, all relating to health and wellness with the Goal of Enhancing the Quality of Life of everyone they touch. To Shaklee Quality of Life has three legs – Physical Wellness, Environmental Wellness and Financial Wellness as illustrated by the Total Family Wellness Triangle.

     The Shaklee Corporation is a strong science-based company with a long history of pioneering advances in nutrition science and health and wellness products. Every Shaklee product is nature-based, scientifically formulated and then clinically proven to be the best available product of its kind in the marketplace with the goal of providing the upmost quality of life for Shaklee's product users throughout their life. Shaklee products are all formulated to be free of toxic ingredients including such common additives as artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and sweetners.

     Dr Shaklee invented the first multi-vitamin supplements nearly 100 years ago. The Shaklee Corporation developed one of the first soy protein isolate formulas over 50 years ago. They introduced one of the first biodegradable phosphate-free laundry detergents over 40 years ago. Their concern for the environment lead them to be the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral® certification for completely off-setting their corporate carbon emissions including those from product distribution.

     Shaklee has over 100 scientific publications that support the safety and efficacy of their products, more than 90 of these in pretigous peer-reviewed journals.

     Businesswise Shaklee is a $750 million 58-year old American direct-selling company with a multi-level payout plan. Shaklee products are only sold through Social Marketing where by "word-of-mouth" one satisfied consumer tells someone else who in turn tells someone else. Shaklee does minimal media advertising.

     Many authors writing about the New Economy following our recent economic recession view marketing programs such as Shaklee's as the only way most people will be able to enjoy a truly prosperous future, e.g., Eric Worre in his book Go Pro, 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, © 2013.

     Shaklee's products and Shaklee's marketing program offer solutions to at least five of the major problems facing American families today. The material below addresses lifestyle which includes but is not limited to monetary rewards alone.

Do your ears ever perk up when
you hear people talk about earning


and then immediately droop because you
absolutely know these things will never be for you?


Who besides yourself is telling you there can not be
in your future? We are not!

Let us show you a way you could begin to earn these
things at minimal risk – even on a part-time basis – while continuing
your main activities – work, school, raising a family, whatever –

You can begin by CLICKING HERE  for one explanatory video

and then   HERE  for a second

and   HERE  for a third

and   HERE  for a fourth

As all these videos, including the fourth by Shaklee
Chairman and CEO, Roger Barnett, indicate
Shaklee could be your vehicle to an
unimaginable tomorrow!

Never Heard of Shaklee Before? Then CLICK HERE

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Shaklee is not the Grand Prize of a Contest
nor the Winning Drawing of a Lottery.
It's a real opportunity equally available to you and all those around you.

Far too few people comprehend the power
a business model like Shaklee's offers them.

     The earning paradigm of the majority of us is a Just Over Broke where we trade our time and our life to someone else for the comfort of a regular paycheck.

     That's the paradigm we were all taught in school. In schools we teach students to work for someone else. Shaklee's program on the other hand is based on you partnering with them to develop an independent business of your own – a business that teaches people how they can enjoy better personal health, have a healthier home and physical environment as well as a better financial future if they will change brands and redirect monies they are already spending on mass marketed products to Shaklee's high-quality Always SAFE, Always WORK and Always GREEN alternatives and then proceed to teach others to do likewise.

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