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       We will begin this introduction of Shaklee with a short video message from Shaklee's Chairman and CEO, Roger Barnett    www.youtube.com/watch?v=22xAP987hm4.

       It is highly possible you may have never heard of Shaklee. This even though Shaklee is a 55-year old $750 million American direct-selling company with leading-edge superior-quality earth-friendly natural nutrition, personal care, and household products – products that are Always SAFE, Always WORK and Always GREEN. Shaklee is a company some describe as having been born GREEN back in the days when GREEN meant nothing but a color or something or somebody new. Shaklee is the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral™ for developing programs and procedures to completely offset their generation of greenhouse gases. Many additional Shaklee leadership achievements, awards and other attributes are cited in the references below.

       Just because one may never have heard of Shaklee is no reason to believe their products are not of superior quality. An example is Shaklee's GetClean® cleaning products. Because they are all safe, nontoxic, green and work, they were chosen, after a careful review, in late Fall 2008 as the household cleaning products for use in the White House and in the Vice-President's residence. If they are good enough for the President's and the Vice President's families, why would they not also be good enough to share with your family and friends? The following is a short video presented on a New York City TV station about the safety of Shaklee cleaning products.
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       For many years Shaklee has been testing their products and proving they work by providing support for elite individuals in extreme situations where endurance and peak performance makes the winning difference. A few years ago Time-Life published a book The 25 Greatest Adventures of All Time. Nine of those 25 endeavors were powered by Shaklee products.

       Starting in 1980, Shaklee became the exclusive nutritional sponsor and nutritional advisor of the US Ski Team and later, after its founding, of the US Snowboarding Team as well. The US Ski Team won its first Olympic Gold Medal in many years in Sarajevo in 1984. At the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games the Shaklee supported US Snowboarding and US Ski Team won a total of 21 of the 37 US medals including six of the US's nine GOLD medals. If these two teams had been a country, they would have ranked fifth in the number of medals, just behind Norway with its 23 total including nine Gold and ahead of Austria with its 16 total including four Gold. They won more medals than Russia with its 15 total including three Gold. For more visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGBAluSTI1U.

       The reason Shaklee is so unknown to so many is that they have chosen to market their products through Social Marketing™ rather than through a traditional distribution system with its numerous middlemen and its invasive, inefficient and ineffective media advertising. To illustrate this attribute of traditional media advertising, let us ask you what fraction of the advertisements in a typical Sunday paper do you ever read? And how often, when the ads come on, do you mute your TV or use that time to leave the room on errands?

       Shaklee instead has always depended on a business plan based on the immense Power of Social Marketing™ and a Multilevel Payout Plan. Social Marketing™ is a "word-of-mouth" marketing plan where one satisfied customer tells another person who then in turn tells another. A recommendation from a satisifed friend is by far the best form of advertising. The savings from this sort of marketing plan are tremenduous and provide Shaklee with funds not only to research, develop and clinically evaluate leading-edge products in the health and wellness (think prevention) arena but to also provide an unmatched income and life changing opportunity to those who elect to share with others the merits of Shaklee and Shaklee products.

       Shaklee's Land of And videos at
provides an introduction to Shaklee's product lines: Anti-Aging, Healthy Home, Healthy Beauty, Healthy Babies, Healthy Kids, Healthy Vitality, Inch Loss, Home-Based Business.

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Far too few people have taken time to comprehend
the Power of Shaklee's Social Marketing™ and
Multilevel Payout Plan to Change Their Lives.

Please Don't Be One Of Them!

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Choosing a Company
Why Shaklee, Why You?

Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee Corporation, explains why he and his family
purchased the company after an extensive search for the best opportunity, and shares
his vision for Shaklee to create the largest movement for social change in the world.

Below you will find a long list of audio-slide and
video presentations about Shaklee and the opportunity
Shaklee offers you and your family for both better
health and financial well being if you should elect
to take advantage of it.

Note: We realize the amount of material in the list below is large so we
encourage you to keep in mind the old adage "The Best Way to Eat
an Elephant is Slowly one Bite at a Time.
" We trust you will
find many tastey easy digestible bites worthy of your eating!

Shaklee – for Health, Opportunity
and a Better World for All with
Prevention the Name of the Game

       Shaklee is about Health and Wellness – the Health and Wellness of the individual, the Health and Wellness of our planet, and the Financial Health and Wellness of those who tell the world about Shaklee and the Shaklee Difference.

      For over fifty years Shaklee has been about promoting Health and Wellness through PREVENTION with products that are Always SAFE, that Always WORK and are Always GREEN and with a 100% moneyback guarantee.


       We invite you to visit and extensively surf the online sites suggested below for more about various aspects of Shaklee to aid you in your evaluation of SHAKLEE and how the SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE can make a positive impact on your family's life and lifestyle. Simply CLICK on those sites you wish to visit.

       When you are ready, we invite you to JOIN US in enjoying the Shaklee Difference and the many other benefits Shaklee offers for a Healthier Life on a Healthier Greener Planet including, if you choose, Shaklee's unmatched Home-Based Business Income Opportunity.

       Feel free to invite anyone else who might be interested to visit here.

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The "Point and Click" referrals below will provide
you with more suggestions about what is possible
and what you should take some time to evaluate.

If your interest is primarily in discovering information about Shaklee's
Always SAFE, Always WORK and Always GREEN products,
please page down to those presentaions preceded by

Compiled by Al and Jean Read, Ames, IA
Shaklee Independent Distributors
515-292-8114 or aljeanread@shaklee.net

       A short video that tells what Shaklee is and the Opportunity Shaklee offers
             The Shaklee Opportunity, the Big Picture

       This very short video has several different people tell you What Shaklee is About
             Shaklee: What we're About!

       Roger Barnett, Shaklee Chairman and CEO, tells about the
             History of Shaklee and the Environment

       Roger continues by opening 2010 with the meaning of the
             AMERICAN DREAM
and invites you to join the Shaklee Family and participate in what Shaklee offers.

       A March 2010 video update of "Why Roger bought Shaklee, the Crown Jewel of the Network Marketing Industry" and what he sees as the future.

       Shaklee Master Coordinator Barbara Hill Behar presents an excellent 20 minute video to introduce the Shaklee Banquet Table of High Quality Products and Fantastic Life Choices the Shaklee Opportunity OFFERS you and asks "What Do You Want in Life?" at

       Our web site on the Shaklee USA server is
       This site contains a dozen rectangular buttons each containing many video-folders on a wide variety of Shaklee topics too numerous to recite here. One button is the Online version of Shaklee's current 138 page product guide. The visitor is encouraged to visit and to extensively surf this site above all others. In particular check out the videos in "Featured Shaklee Videos" and the many written documents in "Health Sciences Downloads" and "M.D. Professionals."

You Tube
       Shaklee's Social Marketing™ is very people oriented and fits in well with the current trend of online Social Networking. Most Social Networking web sites have commercial sections. Shaklee has a presence on both Facebook and You Tube. We are not yet sure about being a "Shaklee friend" on Facebook but if you go online to Facebook and enter shaklee on the search line, some Shaklee information will come up. Shaklee's presence on You Tube contains several dozen Shaklee videos which can be accessed through

       From among the many videos to be found on this You Tube Site as well as some additional online sites, we have selected a few as being more useful than others and listed them on a separate page, namely

          A List of Selected "You Tube" videos

Shaklee Products - GETCLEAN®

       When the Shaklee GETCLEAN® cleaner line was first introduced, it was the subject of many print and TV reviews.

      ♦ CLICK for a Collage showing media that carried stories of Shaklee GETCLEAN®.

      Shaklee GETCLEAN® was the subject a numerous TV shows including one on a New York City TV station and another on a Toronto station.

      ♦ http://content.shaklee.com/shaklee/flash/show.php?video=CW11-vid
      ♦ http://content.shaklee.com/shaklee/flash/a_greener_toronto.html

       A four-part video about the GETCLEAN® line under the title Real Dirt on Clean is a recommended You Tube view. CLICK HERE for the Real Dirt On Clean and more on Get Clean.

       Since the beginning of 2009, Shaklee's earth-friendly nontoxic Alway SAFE, Always WORK and Always GREEN GETCLEAN® household cleaners have been used as the official cleaning products in the White House, at the National Armory and in the Vice-President's residence there. Even though it is true, as a company Shaklee is not permitted to put this fact into their official literature. You can CLICK HERE to see a 66 page usage guide prepared for use by the staffs of those facilities.

       CLICK HERE for a cost comparison chart with some familiar cleaning products including some promoted as being GREEN. The cost per use comparison numbers on this chart speak for themselves and help illustrate why Shaklee's wide spectrum of superior quality products make the Shaklee Social Marketing™ and multilevel payout business plan work as effective as it does.

       More on GETCLEAN® can be found at
            ♦ www.shaklee.net/aljeanread/getclean/index

Shaklee Products - Rx for a Healthier Life®

       Much of the material for a Healthier Life can be found on the various sites already cited above. Those given here are unique enough to justify inclusion and may not be readly available elsewhere. The following video explains why we age and how the aging process can be slowed

       Immunity is a subject that has been on everyone's mind in recent months. Shaklee's Nutriferon has been shown to enhance the body's cells' ability to produce interferon as a first defense alert when the cells recognize they are being invaded. The following is about natural interferon and immune facts.
      ♦ www.naturalinterferon.com

       CLICK for more on the Rx for a Healthier Life

Shaklee Products - CINCH® Inch Loss Plan

       Shaklee's CINCH® Inch-Loss Program is cited above but the videos on
www.CinchPlan.com/aljeanread/home provides further understanding of how it works.

       Shaklee's CINCH® Inch-Loss Program has been helping all kinds of people Keep the Muscle, Burn the Fat and Lose the Inches.

       Cinch® Success Stories is the testimonial story of many of these people

       An important element in the science of how Shaklee's CINCH® Inch Loss Program works is based on the action of the essential amino acid leucine, essential meaning the body can not made it and thus it must be ingested from the food we eat. One important function leucine plays in metabolism is in its ability to force cells to utilize stored fat in lieu of muscle mass in the generation of energy. Retaining muscle mass is vital for burning fat in a weight loss program. In most diet programs the body losses muscle mass as well as fat and thus the ability to continue to burn fat. Dr Steve Chaney discusses the role of leucine in his paper On The Power of Leucine

       For additional discusssion of Shaklee's CINCH® Inch Loss Program go to
CINCH® Presentations  (If you need the USER NAME and PASSWORD for entry contact us)

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