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       Shaklee's Social Marketing™ is very people oriented and fits in well with the current trend of online Social Networking such as Facebook. Most Social Networking web sites have commercial sections. Shaklee has a presence on both Facebook and You Tube. Shaklee's presence on You Tube contains dozens of Shaklee videos which can be accessed through www.youtube.com/user/FCShaklee/videos.

       We have added a Shaklee business page to our own Facebook account at www.facebook.com/aljeanread. We welcome you to visit it if you haven't already done so. Be sure to CLICK on the GoTo Road Tabs. (You need not be a registered Facebook member to visit) We hope you find your visit of value and would appreciate it if you would declare you "like" the page and will "share" it with others.

       We suggest the following YOU TUBE vidoes plus some additional online material as aids in your evaluation of Shaklee, Shaklee's Always SAFE, Always GREEN and Always WORK products and the Shaklee Opportunity:
          (CLICK on any of interest. Note that a symbol indicates a specific product oriented resource.)

Shaklee Corporation Background and Opportunity

                 NEWS: The January 2014 Shaklee North American New Year Launch Broadcast

                 Shaklee: What we're About!

                 Shaklee CEO and Chairman - Why Shaklee?

                 The Roots of Shaklee

                 Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett welcomes you to the "LAND of AND"

                 History of Shaklee and the Environment

                 Don Estry: Green to Gold     Author Dan Esty of Yale University discusses how green
                    companies like Shaklee can use their commitment to the environment to help
                    their customers make earth-friendly choices.

         The Shaklee Opportunity

                 The Gift of Shaklee – Presidential Master Coordinator Roland Oosterhouse

                 The Entrepreneurial Spirit

                 The Shaklee Opportunity, the Big Picture

                 How a Shaklee Business Works

                 A Conversation with Roger Barnett

                 Is Shaklee the Perfect Business for You?

                 MAHMA – Moms At Home Making A Difference. CLICK for more about MAHMA.
                       (You will need both a User Name and Password for entry. If you do not have them, contact us.)

                 Join Us – The American Dream is Not Dead

         Shaklee Incentives for Growing your Shaklee Social Marketing

                 Shaklee FastTRACK

                 Shaklee FastTRACK

                 The Shaklee Bonus Car Program

         Help Other People Get What They Want and You'll Get What You
         Want – Share Your Story

                 Jenni and Nathan Oates' Story

                 Christopher and Jessica Page's Story

                 Toni Banner's Story

HUMOR – There are Better Ways of Helping the Earth

                Caring for the Lake

                Getting Grandma to Help With Protecting the Trees

                Taking Care of the Yard


                Why We Age – 7:02 minutes

                Text – Why Supplement? – a printable brochure to show why in today's world it's
                    so important to supplement to reduce the prevalence of our major
                    diseases. Refer to the University of California Landmark Study below for
                    verification it works.

                Text – CLICK for a two page printable summary of the University of California
                    Berkeley Landmark Study of Longterm Shaklee Dietary Supplement Use –
                    one of the important studies used in the formulation of Shaklee Vitalizer™.

             ♦ Rx for a Healthier Life – Cites the four Nutrition Legs for a Healthier Life
                    – 4:06 minutes


             ♦ Shaklee Vitalizer™ – One of the four Legs of the Rx for a Healthier Life
                    – 2:47 minutes

             ♦ Shaklee Vitalizer™ – A second video on One of the four Legs of the Rx for a
                    Healthier Life.
– 3:51 minute

             ♦ Shaklee Vitalizer™ – A third video on One of the four Legs of the Rx for a
                    Healthier Life – The Sciece Behind Vitalizer™ by Dr. Carsten Smidt, Shaklee
                    Chief Scientific Officer.
– about 17 minutes

             ♦ Text – Dr Steve Chaney "Everything You Really Need to Know About Vitalizer" (You
                           need both a User Name and Password for entry. If you do not have them, contact us.

                Text – CLICK for a brief summary of the University of California Berkeley
                    Landmark study of 20+ year users of Shaklee nutritional supplements that
                    helped form the basis for Shaklee Vitalizer™ – same as above

                Text – CLICK for a short item on Astronaut Mark Kelly with his Shaklee
                    Vitalizer™ in space.


             ♦ Vivix® from Shaklee – One of the four Legs of the Rx for a Healthier Life
                    – 1:59 minute


             ♦ NutriFeron® – One of the four Legs of the Rx for a Healthier Life – 3:22 minutes

             ♦ More on NutriFeron® – These videos and textual material discuss the science
                    of immunity and the basis of NutriFeron®

         Other Supplements

             ♦ Shaklee Cholesterol Reduction Complex – Say Goodbye to Lipator – 1:42 minute

             ♦ Vitamin-D3 and why we need more – 1:39 minutes

             ♦ The Shaklee FiberAdvantage Bars – 1:20 minute

         Joint Health

             ♦ New Advanced Joint Health Complex

             ♦ New Advanced Joint Health Complex Trial Participant Testimonials

             ♦ Natural Alternatives for Joint Health – Dr Jamie McManus on Joint Health

         Shaklee Sports Nutrition

                Watch the forthcoming February Winter Games in Russia, particularly the
                Snowboarding and Ski teams. For over thirty years Shaklee has been their
                supporter and nutritional advisor.

                Shaklee Powered Athletes – Be sure to check individual athletes

                Sports Performance

             ♦ A Shaklee Sports Nutrition 22 slide PDF Presentation with Audio


         Shaklee180™ (Rebranded from Cinch®) – the fourth Leg of the Rx for a
                    Healthier Life.

                Dr Steve Chaney – The Science Behind Shaklee180™ – about 15 minutes

                Fitness Trainer Harley Pasternak – Shaklee180 – about 13 minutes

                Dr Jamie McManus answers questions about Shaklee180™ – about 57 minute



             ♦ Children's Health

             ♦ Shakleebaby®

             ♦ Shakleekids®

             ♦ Shaklee GET CLEAN WATER


             ♦ Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skin Care

             ♦ Healthy Beauty for a discussion of Shaklee Enfuselle – Nutrition for your skin.


         Shaklee GetClean®

                Our Toxic World – Why We Need GetClean®

             ♦ Shaklee GetClean® Products-1

             ♦ Shaklee GetClean® Products-2

             ♦ Shaklee GetClean® Products on Rachael Ray

             ♦ GetClean® Safety and Efficacy on NYC TV

             ♦ Sloan Barnett talks about how "GREEN Goes with Everything"

             ♦ Sloan Barnett discusses more on "GREEN Goes with Everything" – NBC TV

             ♦ Real Dirt on Clean, Part 1    A video in four parts of a presentaionon on the

             ♦ Real Dirt on Clean, Part 2     safety of the Shaklee GETCLEAN® line before a live

             ♦ Real Dirt on Clean, Part 3     audience in Atlanta, Georgia

             ♦ Real Dirt on Clean, Part 4

                CLICK for a cost comparison chart with some familiar cleaning products
                    including some promoted as being GREEN. The cost per use comparison
                    numbers on this chart speak for themselves and help illustrate why Shaklee's
                    wide spectrum of superior quality products make the Shaklee Social
                    Marketing™ and multilevel payout business plan work as effective as it is.

2014 Shaklee New Product Videos
      The following new videos on YOU TUBE provide the viewer with addition information about the four new Shaklee products introduced last August at the Shaklee Global Conference in Long Beach, California.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woa8AT7cBio&feature=youtu.be   Introducing MINDWORKS

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItswgkxA0CY   The Science Behind MINDWORKS

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp9DhvJH8v4&feature=youtu.be   Introducing Shaklee

   The Science Behind VITALIZED IMMUNITY

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue0yo_U2wtw&feature=youtu.be   Introducing VITALIZING PROTEIN

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uueEodfOuU   The Science Behind VITALIZING PROTEIN

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI1syp8Hl2k&list=UUIzv0_eiHaE41AsV6i_XutA    The Science
          Behind Shaklee SMARTHEART

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX1uP8hPaHk   Introducing Shaklee SMARTHEART BLOOD PRESSURE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oLQbo5u6CA   The Science Behind Shaklee

      Although not a new product, Rick Seymour's video on THE SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE will show how Shaklee is Different and serves to valid the importance and value of the products discussed in the videos above.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k5mEk63Yr8

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS ----- Unavailable at present

                This option includes access to PASSWORD PROTECTED material not available to the uninvited public. If you do not have the USER NAME and PASSWORD, please contact us.

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