A Brief Shaklee Introduction

       We will begin this introduction to Shaklee with a short video message from Shaklee's Chairman and CEO, Roger Barnett    www.youtube.com/watch?v=22xAP987hm4.

       It is highly possible you may have heretofore never heard of Shaklee. This even though Shaklee is a 56-year old $750 million American direct-selling company with leading-edge superior-quality earth-friendly natural nutrition, personal care, and household products – products that are Always SAFE, Always WORK and Always GREEN. Shaklee is a company some describe as having been born GREEN back in the days when GREEN meant nothing but a color or something or somebody new. Shaklee is the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral™ for developing programs and procedures to completely offset their generation of greenhouse gases. Shaklee has received many additional awards for the activities you can hear about elsewhere.

       Just because one may never have heard of Shaklee is no reason to believe their products are not of superior quality. An example: Since the beginning of 2009, Shaklee's earth-friendly nontoxic Alway SAFE, Always WORK and Always GREEN GETCLEAN® household cleaners have been used as the official cleaning products in the White House, at the National Armory and in the Vice-President's residence there. Even though it is true, as a company Shaklee is not permitted to put this fact into their official literature. You can CLICK HERE to see a 66 page usage guide prepared for use by the staffs of those facilities.

       If Shaklee products are good enough for the President's and the Vice President's families, why would they not also be good enough to share with your family and friends? The following is a short video presented on a New York City TV station about the safety of Shaklee cleaning products.

       CLICK HERE for a cost comparison chart with some familiar cleaning products including some promoted as being GREEN. The cost per use comparison numbers on this chart speak for themselves and help illustrate why Shaklee's wide spectrum of superior quality products make the Shaklee Social Marketing™ and multilevel payout business plan work as effective as it does.

       More on GETCLEAN® can be found at

       For many years Shaklee has been testing their nutrition products and proving they work by providing support for elite individuals in extreme situations where endurance and peak performance makes the winning difference. A few years ago Time-Life published a book The 25 Greatest Adventures of All Time. Nine of those 25 endeavors were powered by Shaklee products.

       Starting in 1980, Shaklee became the exclusive nutritional sponsor and nutritional advisor of the US Ski Team and later, after its founding, of the US Snowboarding Team as well. The US Ski Team won its first Olympic Gold Medal in many years in Sarajevo in 1984. At the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games the Shaklee supported US Snowboarding and US Ski Team won a total of 21 of the 37 US medals including six of the US's nine GOLD medals. If these two teams had been a country, they would have ranked fifth in the number of medals, just behind Norway with its 23 total including nine Gold and ahead of Austria with its 16 total including four Gold. They won more medals than Russia with its 15 total including three Gold. For more visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGBAluSTI1U.

       The reason Shaklee is so unknown to so many is that they have chosen to market their products through Social Marketing™ rather than through a traditional distribution system with its numerous middlemen and its invasive, inefficient and ineffective media advertising. To illustrate this attribute of traditional media advertising, let us ask you what fraction of the advertisements in a typical Sunday paper do you ever read? And how often, when the ads come on, do you mute your TV or use that time to leave the room on errands?

       Shaklee instead has always depended on a business plan based on the immense Power of Social Marketing™ and a Multilevel Payout Plan. Social Marketing™ is a "word-of-mouth" marketing plan where one satisfied customer tells another person who then in turn tells another. A recommendation from a satisifed friend is by far the best form of advertising. The savings from this sort of marketing plan are tremenduous and provide Shaklee with funds not only to research, develop and clinically evaluate leading-edge products in the health and wellness (think prevention) arena but to also provide an unmatched income and life changing opportunity to those who elect to share with others the merits of Shaklee and Shaklee products.

CLICK for a Video on the Shaklee Difference

Far too few people have taken time to comprehend
the Power of Shaklee's Social Marketing™ and
Multilevel Payout Plan to Change Their Lives.

Please Don't Be One Of Them!

Choosing a Company
Why Shaklee, Why You?

Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee Corporation, explains why he and his family
purchased the company after an extensive search for the best opportunity, and shares
his vision for Shaklee to create the largest movement for social change in the world.

       Shaklee Master Coordinator Barbara Hill Behar presents an excellent 20 minute video to introduce the Shaklee Banquet Table of High Quality Products and Fantastic Life Choices the Shaklee Opportunity OFFERS you and asks "What Do You Want in Life?" at